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“…should be required reading for everyone who is thinking about starting their own company. I should buy copies and hand one to everyone who tells me their dream is to be in their own business…”


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Escape from Corporate America

“…I highly recommend this book. It’s my favorite so far this year and one that HR people should read…then put on their bookshelf.”

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on Escape from Corporate America:
Journalist Skillings aims to rescue Americans from corporate tedium in this entertaining and informative guide to walking away from an established–albeit stultifying–job and forging a more rewarding career.

With insight and humor, Skillings enumerates the stages of “Corporate Disillusionment” and the features of the “toxic workplace”–the bullying bosses, moronic co-workers, “terminal boredom” and rampant racism and sexism. A multitude of questionnaires, exercises and worksheets helps readers determine their dream job, assess expenses and assets, and plot an escape plan to break free of corporate life without going bankrupt. Skillings also provides pointers to those readers who simply want to be happier in their current jobs–including negotiating for more flexible hours, telecommuting and taking sabbaticals.

Vignettes of successful fugitives from the corporate world populate the book and an extremely useful “Escape Tool Kit” supplies information on where and how to find career coaches, health insurance, job listings and a wealth of other much needed resources when embarking on career change.

Comprehensive, informative and witty, this book will be indispensable to those looking to start new careers with concrete plans and well-defined goals.

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