The Fastest Way to Turn a Residency Interview into a Match.

The medical residency interview is the critical final step in matching with your dream residency program. Are you ready?

Improve your odds by working one-on-one with one of the best residency interview coaches in the business.
We can be your secret weapon in positioning you for a successful medical career.

Pamela Skillings

Interview Coach & Skillful Co-founder

“A guru in the world of job interviews”


Congratulations on making it to the interview stage. Now what?

If you’ve been invited to interview, that means that you are one of the select few receiving serious consideration. Don’t blow this valuable opportunity by walking into your interview unprepared.

At Skillful Communications, we work closely with residency applicants to help them match with their ideal programs.

The keys to our approach are customization, practice, and feedback.

  1. Customization — We never take a cookie-cutter approach to coaching. We work with you to analyze how exactly your qualifications fit with your programs of choice.

    We identify your strengths so we can teach you how to play them up. We also look for weaknesses and potential areas of concern so that we can help you reframe them.

  2. Practice — To interview well, focused practice is critical. Strangely enough, few candidates bother to invest enough time. We will put you through your paces with all of the common residency interview questions — especially the toughest ones.

    You can make your mistakes in our conference room and walk into the real interview feeling confident and prepared.

  3. Feedback — After our first practice interview, we will give you personalized feedback on your interviewing approach and coach you on areas that need improvement (this could mean minor tweaks to “sell” yourself better or major changes in your approach).

    We work with you to customize answers that present you in the best possible way — answers that are authentic and unique to you. Then we practice with you some more until you feel confident and prepared (but not over-rehearsed).

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Who is Pamela Skillings?

Pamela Skillings is considered the top interview coach in the country and has helped hundreds of people land their dream jobs.

Her proven approach is based on her unique combination of experience as a hiring manager, a human resources executive, and a professional coach.

“A guru in the world of job interviews.”


In addition to her work with individual job seekers, top companies hire Pamela to consult on their hiring processes and she often conducts and sits in on real job interviews.

She knows what companies are looking for and how they evaluate candidates — and she shares that knowledge with her coaching clients.

She is a Certified Professional Career Coach and a member of the Association of Career Professionals, the National Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, and the International Coach Federation.

Pamela earned both her bachelor’s degree and her professional certifications in career planning and lopment from New York University, where she is currently an adjunct professor.

Pamela also frequently writes and speaks about career topics. Her book Escape from Corporate America (Random House 2008) earned rave reviews and her writing has also been featured by, The New York Times and many other publications.

Pamela is either faculty or leads workshops on career change strategies & communication skills for organizations including:


Medical Residency Interview Prep Coaching Packages

1. Two Session Residency Fast Track Program

Our most popular residency interview coaching package includes two 90-minute sessions (in person at our NYC office or via video conference from wherever you are based).

Session 1

You will complete a questionnaire before the first session so that Pamela can prepare a customized plan based on your application and program(s) of choice. This pre-work also allows us to hit the ground running and use all of our session time productively.

One of our first agenda items is a practice interview customized based on your application and selected residency programs.

We will cover all of the commonly-asked questions, including:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why did you apply to this program?
  • What could you add to this program?
  • Why do you want to be a physician?
  • Why did you choose this specialty?
  • Why did you choose your medical education?
  • Behavioral questions about key competency areas (leadership, decision making, communication skills, calm under pressure, integrity, etc.)
  • Why should we choose you?
  • And many others…

Pamela will provide an assessment of your interviewing approach and presentation (including the answers themselves as well as body language, eye contact, vocal quality, and general physical presence) and identify areas to work on.

Note: At the end of the session, you will be provided with a digital video recording of the practice interview.

The rest of the session will be ted to strengthening your answers and presentation style. Pamela will work with you to create compelling stories to address behavioral questions (Tell me about a time…).

She will also challenge you to draw out the best possible answers to critical questions and sell yourself effectively.

Pamela will then assign homework — asking you to continue building on the work done in the session so that you’ll be ready to deliver your new and improved answers.

Session 2

In the second session, you will discuss the homework assignments and work with Pamela on any remaining issues.

The majority of the session will be spent on practice interviewing. You will have the opportunity to practice your new answers and get objective feedback on how they’re working for you.

Pamela will also help you identify additional questions and/or topics to think about — then walk you through preparing and practicing answers.

Once again, you will get a digital video of your mock interview so you can review your best answers and see the progress that you’ve made.

The Medical Residency Interview Coaching Package includes:

  • 2 90-minute in-person or video conference coaching sessions
  • Multiple practice interviews with feedback and coaching
  • Before and after video clips
  • Free 6-month membership in Big Interview, our online interview training platform that includes lessons on effective interviewing, a comprehensive interview question database, and a tool that allows you to conduct video practice interviews and submit them to your coach for review.

Medical Residency Interview Prep Coaching Program: $1400

Call now to find out if this is a good match for you.

Speak to one of our interview coaching advisors at 888-880-3322 or email [email protected]

Additional Medical Residency Interview Coaching Options

1. Fast Track Residency Interview Coaching Session

Book a single 90-minute session to practice your answers and get feedback and coaching on key issues.

This option is great if you already feel well-prepared and just want to add some polish and make sure you’re hitting the right points.

It’s also a good solution if you have limited time before your interview(s).

Medical Residency Interview Prep Coaching Program: $750

Call now to find out if this is a good match for you.

Speak to one of our interview coaching advisors at 888-880-3322 or email [email protected]

2. Residency Advantage Interview Coaching Program

This 4-session package will give you a comprehensive preparation (consisting of two 90-min in-person or video sessions, plus two 60-min phone sessions).

The additional sessions offer more time to work on specific issues in your application — and more practice time in general.

This package also allows time for customized practice interviews and feedback for multiple programs.

If you’re new to interviewing, concerned about application weaknesses, or just feeling overwhelmed, this is the right option for you.

Medical Residency Advantage Interview Coaching Program: $2000

Call now to find out if this is a good match for you.

Speak to one of our interview coaching advisors at 888-880-3322 or email [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I use interview coaching?
  2. When you’re preparing for that important interview, there is no substitute for role playing and expert feedback.

    Competition for jobs is at an all-time high, so being the best-prepared, battle-tested, interview-ready candidate can mean the difference between getting the job or not.

    This is the single most effective way to make a great impression at your interview and maximize your chance of a job offer.

  3. What are Pamela’s qualifications?
  4. Pamela Skillings spent 12 years working in executive level jobs in marketing and human resources for Fortune 500 companies (including Morgan Stanley, MasterCard International, and Citigroup) before launching her coaching and consulting practice in 2005.

    She has worked with hundreds of coaching clients. Interview coaching is one of her specialties, though she also provides other types of career and business coaching.

    Pamela’s company also works with corporate and government clients to lop training, retention, communications, and recruiting programs. Clients include Citigroup, American Express, Ernst & Young, the American Management Association, and the City of New York.

    Pamela’s work with corporations keeps her up to date on hiring trends and the employer perspective, which helps inform her coaching work with job seekers.

    In addition, Pamela serves as an adjunct professor at New York University, teaching courses in their graduate and continuing education programs for HR executives and career coaches.

    Her formal training in career counseling and coaching is through New York University and the Professional Association for Resume Writers and Career Coaches.

    Pamela’s first book, a career change and entrepreneurship guide, was published by Random House in 2008 and featured in The New York Times, Newsweek, and other publications. She is currently working on her second book.

  5. Why should I work with Pamela?
  6. You get what you pay for. You will practice and train with an experienced coach who has made hiring decisions for Fortune 500 companies and helped hundreds of clients land new jobs and achieve career breakthroughs.

    You will come away with confidence, and a competitive advantage over other candidates interviewing for the job you want.

  7. How quickly can I get started?
  8. Generally, your first session will be scheduled within 1-2 weeks. However, if you have an important interview scheduled, Pamela will make every effort to fit you in before your meeting.

  9. Can Pamela help me prepare for an internship interview?
  10. Yes, Pamela has extensive experience helping undergraduate and MBA students land prestigious internships.

  11. Can Pamela help me land a Wall Street, investment banking, or hedge fund job?
  12. Pamela spent more than 12 years working for financial services firms and has an in-depth understanding of the industry. In her five years as a career and interview coach, she has also worked with dozens of clients interviewing for investment banking, hedge fund, and other finance jobs.

If you have additional questions about our interview coaching services, feel free to call (888.880.3322) or email: [email protected]